The Art of Setting Up Shop Course

The Art of Setting Up Shop Course

The Art of Setting Up Shop Course

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The Art of Setting Up Shop is a self-paced video course with 15 lessons divided into 3 sections. Each lesson also features a lesson summary + downloadable slides for you to use as references after completing the course. 

Included in this course: 
  • Unlimited Course Access + Downloads
  • 15 Video course lessons
  • Links for resources + additional readings
  • Branding Workbook 
  • Editable Brand Guideline PDF
  • BONUS: Facebook Group Access
  • BONUS: $0 to $1M Pinterest Guide
  • BONUS: My Top 10 Shopify Apps List
  • BONUS: Exclusive Discounts 

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Section 1: Branding

Lesson 1
Your Brand 

We take a pulse-check of your business and any branding you might already have, and make a plan for moving forward.

Lesson 2
Choosing A Color Palette

Learn why color is so important to your website design, and how to create your own color palette.

Lesson 3

Choosing Typography

Here we apply the techniques we learned in lesson two to typography as well, and choose our brand fonts.

Lesson 4
Your Brand Guide

Using the editable Brand Guide PDF, you will create your guidelines.

Lesson 5

We will explore free + paid logo resources, along with a few examples I created from my favorite free logo builder!

Lesson 6

Applying Your Branding

Watch as I add in colors, fonts, and a logo to my live Shopify store, and learn about my favorite free Shopify template!

Section 2: Imagery

Lesson 7
Intro to Images

Learn what we will cover in this section, and why it's so important to your Shopify store.

Lesson 8
Sourcing Images

Discover three awesome ways to source imagery for your website, and my favorite resources for each.

Lesson 9

Sizing Your Images

We go over several ways to to get all of your Shopify images to be the same size.

Lesson 10
Image Compression

Why image compression is so important, and what apps to use. Bonus: Alt tags + Watermarking.

Section 3: Organization

Lesson 11
Intro to Layout

Learn what we will cover in this section, and why it's so important to your Shopify store.

Lesson 12
Your Homepage

We discuss the 7 core elements every homepage needs.

Lesson 13


Learn strategies for your site navigation, both main nav + footer nav.

Lesson 14
Product Collections

Dive into product collections and 3 ways to use them in your shop.

Lesson 15
Wrap Up

Stay in touch with me and this community long after you complete the course :) 


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