48 Hour Shopify Makeover

48 Hour Shopify Makeover

48 Hour Shopify Makeover

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Feeling meh about your Shopify store? Confident in your products, but not so much how your site looks? You want to change things up and refresh your brand... like yesterday. Sounds like you could use a 48 Hour Brand Overhaul! 

You can literally change your shop overnight with this super-charged and super fast branding experience.

What it includes: 

  • New Color Palette 
  • New Brand Fonts 
  • Brand Guide Lines
  • Theme recommendations
  • Site layout strategy
  • Kick-off phone call

As soon as you purchase I will reach out to schedule our call and send you a questionnaire to get started on.

Optional Upgrades

Scroll through the image listings to see example of each add on package. 

  • Upgrade 1 : this includes a custom logo with a full version and a horizontal version. 
  • Upgrade 2:  this includes logo with two versions, as well as 2 icons and text embellishments 
  • Upgrade 3: this includes the logo with two versions, 2 icons + text embellishments, and a phrase or tagline design.


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