Shop Critique - Etsy or Shopify

Shop Critique - Etsy or Shopify

Shop Critique - Etsy or Shopify

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Feeling like your shop is suddenly not doing so hot? Maybe you've put months of work in, and you still haven't gotten that elusive first sale? Whether your a newbie seller or just need a fresh take on an established shop - I can help.

Sounds like you could use a shop critique!  What it includes: 

  • 2-3 Page written report of all suggestions for shop improvement, including layout, functionality, visual elements, copy, etc. 
  • App recommendations (for Shopify owners) 
  • Product suggestions (on editing down product offerings, expanding certain products, or how to cross sell)
  • Pricing audit and suggestions 
  • Ability to personally email me any follow-up questions after report is issued.


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