You're likely wondering if one-on-one coaching is right for you, or be worth the investment. 

Been there.

What I have learned in working my most successful clients is that if you don’t have serious skin in the game, you don’t get serious results. Investing in a coach or mentor is potentially the best investment you can make in your business. It was for me, hands down. It creates a sense of dedication directly tied to a financial commitment, which = results.

I like to be transparent. When my business needed it most, I worked with a coach for 18 months. And along with a few other consultants and courses, I spent over tens of thousands of dollars. That might seem insane to you - it seemed insane to me too. But, I wanted to totally transform my business, and month by month I kept getting results, and so I kept doing it. And yes, spending that money meant months where I didn’t bring home a profit, or had to cut back in other areas. But, in the end it was worth it 10x over

Who I coach: I offering coaching for Etsy sellers looking to expand their brands and open or grow their standalone website sales, as well as Shopify sellers looking to grow their businesses. 

How much it costs: I have a range of package options depending on your business and its needs. My most popular is monthly coaching ($1295 a month), with a minimum three month commitment. 

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