About Kristin


With over 10 years of e-commerce experience, and millions of dollars of sales on both Etsy and Shopify, I am humbled and grateful to have found continued success through my online shops. More importantly, with my second e-commerce brand and an online course launching in late spring 2020, I am still very much in  the game! I know that many e-commerce "gurus" no longer actively sell, but I am a firm believer in practicing what you preach. 

My Story

I started my e-commerce career with my first Etsy shop that I opened in 2010, and it grew from there. In 2015 I started running my Etsy shop full-time and experienced exponential growth, selling $600k in 2016.

When Etsy unexpectedly shut down my shop one day in 2017, I knew my business was no longer safe. Despite the fact that they ended up reinstating my shop, I knew that things had to change. I jumped headfirst into learning how to successfully move my business from Etsy to Shopify. I spent thousands of hours and over $65k working with top business coaches, took tons of courses, and participated in masterminds. By 2018 I successfully moved 95% of all business off Etsy and onto my own website. 

I've learned so much from where my path has led me, and I realized that sharing this wealth of knowledge is the step step in this journey.

Apart from my business, I’m a mid-west born mama trained in illustration and design. I currently live in NYC with my husband, son Max, and beagle Brie.