3 Shopify Apps You Need Now (one generated $507K in sales)

One of the reasons I love Shopify over other e-commerce platforms is because of how many apps there are available! Now, that being said, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth it, and which ones are a waste.

I will be honest, I have spent a LOT of time adding, and then deleting apps from my shop, and sometimes it can feel a little like total guess work. Not to mention all the calendar reminders I set myself to cancel apps if I don’t want them before the free trial is up!

One of the first things I work on with all my coaching clients who are new to Shopify is apps. Today I’m going over three of my MUST HAVE apps that I make all of them get, and then I’m throwing a little bonus in for you at the end as well :)

  1. Judge.me : Shop Reviews
    ANYONE who knows me from my facebook group has heard me talk about this app constantly. For you Etsy sellers out there, you know how important reviews are for your shop, and Shopify is no different. I particularly love judge.me because it allows for a lot of (really easy) customization when it comes to how you want to display your customer reviews on Shopify. I have both a freestanding reviews page, as well as product specific reviews on individual product pages. You can also set up reminders for clients to leave reviews, allow photos to be uploaded with reviews, and even curate reviews to remove unwanted or unfair reviews from your page.

  2. Gem Pages : Drag and Drop Page Builder
    If you are like me and are constantly working on your website, you probably want to create new pages from time to time that don’t work in your existing theme or template. Gem pages makes it SO easy to create page layouts to fit literally need you might have, and its super easy and quick to learn. I have started building landing pages with this app, and it’s really awesome. And, you can save chunks of page content in your library to add into other pages, which is probably my favorite feature!

  3. Privy: Email Pop Ups
    Building an email list might be the single most effective way to quickly scale your Shopify business, and Privy makes it REALLY easy to do it. I have been using Privy for over a year on Miss Design Berry, and have brought in $507K in revenue from the emails I’ve collected. Don’t know the first thing about collecting emails? Never fear, they even offer mini-courses on best practices for your pop-ups!

BONUS: Not thrilled with the free Shopify themes, but not ready to shell out for a paid or custom theme? Check out Debutify! They make a custom shopify theme that is literally a conversion machine, and they offer a ton of low-cost upgrades if you want to include things like Live Chat, Inventory Management, and Trust Badges!

I always love to hear other apps that sellers love, so if you have a Shopify App that you swear by, post it below in the comments!


3 Shopify Apps you need now