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What started as a side hustle has now turned into my full time job. I owe a lot of my success to Kristin's ability to use her own experiences to answer my questions despite my business being in a different market than Miss Design Berry. I had first year sales of 83k, second year sales of 189k and am on track to do 350k this year!

Ali, BaileyRay.Co

There are tons of coaches out there and I never was completely sure who to hire until I met Kristin. After seeing her background and skills I knew she was perfect for me. Kristin made me and my business better in every way. She helped me in my web site design, packaging, building my brand, sales, marketing--everything. Kristin is an idea machine!  I got more done with Kristin in 3 months than I did all of last year.

Adam, SketchMyWedding.com

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